Vinmeengal review

Rahul Ravindran, Anuja Iyer, Vishwa, Shikha, Pandiyarajan
Vignesh Menon

Vinmeengal Review

We have seen films on the struggle parents face in bringing up their children but this is a special story that deals about Jeeva played by Rahul Ravindran who suffers from cerebral palsy (damage to motor control centers of the brain resulting in limited movements). Viswa (Naren), Meera (Shika) play his parents. The journey through the film may be an emotional travel but it definitely has some lighter moments as well. Vignesh Menon taken up a bold subject which demands hero of the film move in wheelchair throughout and tries to connect with the audience.

The movie speaks about the turmoil faced by Naren and Meera in bringing up Jeeva who grows into a handsome young man only to fall in love with Ila (Anuja Iyer) who is a divorcee. Will Ila accept Jeeva and the turn of events is portrayed skillfully in the film. Though, the second half could have been as appealing as the first.

Pandiyarajan has played a solid role in the film that is likely to show him as an artist who knows not just to make you laugh but shed some tears as well. Hope to see more of him. Music by Jublin is good for a debutant composer. Anand Jeeva has done a decent job behind the cameras.

The movie is a novel try by Vignesh Menon but how far it would reach to the audience needs to be seen. For serious move goers!