The underrated Indian movies to watch today (Part 7)

36. Hulla (in 2008)

This movie starring Sushant Singh and Rajat Kapoor in leading roles is the story of one stockbroker who finds himself one new home. Yet, the real deal begins when he discovers that he can’t sleep due to the loud whistle that the night-watchman blew. This leads him into one conflict with the secretary of the building – this person insists on the whistle use.

37. Liar’s Dice (in 2013)

This is one road film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Geetanjali Thapa in lead roles. The movie deals with the matter of the human cost regarding migration to cities as well as the issue of migrant laborers cum their exploitation. The movie received up to two National Film Awards. Watch it!

38. Sulemani Keeda (in 2014)

Amit V Masurkar directed it. This is one comedy about the struggling writers who peddle “Sulemani Keeda” – the screenplay in Bollywood as well as embarking on one journey that you can’t miss.

39. Raghu Romeo (in 2003)

Rajat Kapoor directs this film. It stars Vijay Raaz in the leading role. Raghu Romeo is known as the story of one employee at one strip club who kidnaps his beloved actress to save this one from the mob hitmen. It won the Film Award at the National level for Best Feature Film in Hindi. Watch it!

40. The movie, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore (in 2014)

It marks the directorial debut of Vijay Raaz – the actor. The first look of the film, which is one war drama set in 1948 – the post-Independence period, was produced at the Wagah Border itself. This movie is one light-hearted take considering the Indo-Pak partition. Don’t miss it!

41. Dil Dosti Etc. (in 2007)

It is about the ambiguities of the college years. Its premise is as you are young, you trust that the possibilities are endless.