The underrated Indian movies to watch today (Part 5)

23. My Brother… Nikhil (in 2005)

It is a man’s story – he is found to get HIV positive. This story is set in Goa during the late ’80s. At that time, HIV was society’s big taboo. Sanjay Suri played Nikhil, who gains support only from his sister as well as his boyfriend. This movie created quite a stir since it was released and has been among the best films produced about the subject.

24. Mirch (in 2010)

Made by Vinay Shukla, this movie is one compilation of four short stories in the primary narrative. The stories get inspired from Panchtantra’s tales and are imagined in various contemporary settings. 

25. Hey Ram (in 2000)

It centers on the partition of India as well as Mahatma Gandhi’s murder. The movie was written, directed, as well as being produced by Kamal Haasan. Not all, he played as the protagonist in this movie. It was made in Hindi and Tamil simultaneously. 

26. Mr and Mrs Iyer (in 2002)

Here, Konkona Sen Sharma stars a Tamil Iyer Brahmin. Also, Rahul Bose stars a Bengali Muslim. The story is above these two lead characters on one fateful bus journey during riots in the country. It attained the Nargis Dutt Award regarding Most Outstanding Feature Movie on National Integration in India.

27. Mastram (in 2014)

It was one fictional biography of one reluctant pornographic writer aspiring to become one litterateur and is famous by Mastram – his pen name. The movie garnered positive reviews and worked to create adequate curiosity.

28. Ship of Theseus (2013)

By Anand Gandhi, this movie explores the inquiries of justice, beauty, identity, meaning, as well as death. Its title has to do with Theseus’ paradox (means, one ship restored by taking the place of every part still stays the same). Watch it today!