The Great Indian Casino – The fantastic movie about casino games

One of the most popular entertainment methods people have ever enjoyed is the casino game. It is like a tool that reflects the world of cinema that cannot be overlooked. Indian cinema is also not out of that influence.

In 2019, Indian cinema witnessed the launch of an impressive film with casino content. The film was produced by director Rupesh Paul and made a big splash after debuting to the public. With its influence, the film was nominated at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

We are talking about The Great Indian Casino movie!

If you are looking for a movie to entertain after a stressful and hard working day, do not confine yourself to an interesting thriller or a romance film. Do not hesitate to choose The Great Indian Casino! It really deserves an option worth considering.


The Great Indian Casino content is inspired by the demonetization policy of the Modi Government. Therefore, it was controversial as soon as it was published because of its context. The content of The Great Indian Casino revolves around a story about four crooks who have used casino games as a way to solve the problem of demonetization. In addition to introducing ways to handle demonetization, the film also touched the hearts of viewers with sad stories about the dead as well as those who lost their jobs because of the improvised move of the Modi Government.

The film stars Rajesh Sharma, Asif Basra, Pankaj Beri, and Deepraj Rana as four crooks. Meanwhile, Amisha Patel takes on the main role in the movie.

The Great Indian Casino Movie is one of its genres when it comes to making and presentation styles. It has garnered a great response and admiration from audiences both in India and internationally. After the highlight in the Marché du Film part of the famous Cannes film festival, the film was well promoted in the international market and received positive feedback from viewers.


Director Rupesh Paul produced the film. He is the person who has previously brought audiences movies like Saint Dracula and Kamasutra 3D. Both his films were screened in Cannes and appreciated by the audience. The Great Indian Casino Movie was officially released on July 14, 2019. Shortly after its release, the film achieved a huge revenue and laid out a hidden story about casino games in India.