Sevarkkodi review

Arunbalaji, Pawan, Bhama
R Subramanian
Maharanth Kamalakar, Anandh Reddy

Sevarkkodi Review

Sevarkkodi’s director R Subramanian may be new to directing film but has delivered a rather gripping film that can hold the audience. Yet there is something amiss in the story that needs to be connected. Communication is the best means to avert misunderstanding forms the crux of the story. The film has newcomer Arun Balaji who often shows off he is new to film and then there is Pawan who has shown an excellent piece of performance in Sevarkkodi.

The story of Sevarkkodi is about how Kali (Pawan) misunderstands Bala (Arun Balaji) for creating havoc in his life. Kali eager to get settle financially forces his sister Valli (Bama) to marry his employer who is old enough to her father. Valli unhappy with the turn of incidents elopes with her lover and with this the aspirations of Kali to become a rich man comes to an end. Unable to take this Kali hunts for the culprit, he mistakes that Bala was instrumental in helping her sister elope and wants to take revenge. What happens later and will Bala be able to clarify the misunderstanding remains the latter part of the story.

Pawan has proved he is a performer and newcomer Arun Balaji needs some more polish. Bama’s expressions are appreciable. The music by Sathya is passable; camera by Chelladurai deserves praise as he has shown Tiruchendur in a new light where the plot is set. The film is produced by Kamalkar and Anandh Reddy. Lack of connectivity has loosened a thick plot.