Sengathu bhoomiyile review

Pavan, Senthil, Priyanka, Sunnulakshmi, Singam-Puli

Sengathu Bhoomiyile Movie Review

The movie set in a village near Usalampetti, talks about family rivalry and that violence is not the right solution for all the problems. Mastero Illayaraja has brought life to the story with his scintillating music. Keeping in mind that director Rathnakumar has written scripts for popular rural dramas like Kizhakku Seemayile, Kadal Pookkal, Karuthamma and the like he has used the same flavour in the current script as well, misunderstanding that leads to vengeance

Cousins Vallarasu (Pavan) and Chinnasami (Senthil) are always seen together and they are more friends than relatives. Similarly the sisters of the duo Jayakodi (Sunnulakshmi) and Vairasilai (Priyanka) fall in love Vallarasu and Chinnasamy respectively. As the audience enjoy their romance Vallarasu is convicted of a murder and it happens that his uncle (Chinnasami’s father) turn witness to the murder. Finally Vallarasu lands in jail. Vallarasu comes out on parole and wants to teach his witness a lesson. This brings a rift become the two families and the love is lost in between when vengeance turns supreme. What happens in the end, will the couples, unite forms the rest of the plot.

Though the first half is interesting with romance and comedy the second half is serious and makes the audience feel frustrated. The cast was selected well and each lives their roles including Singam-Puli who comes out with funny one-liners. The director has tried to do justice to his job. Another film into your weekend entertainment kitty.