Oru nadigaiyin vaakumoolam review

Sonia Agarwal, Urmila Unni, Sukran, Ganja Karuppu, Rajkapoor
K Prashanth

Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam Review

If you thought this would be Sonia Agarwal’s moment of fame well you have had it wrong. This is no Dirty Picture that took Vidya Balan to the pinnacle in Bollywood. Though Sonia Agarwal has the potential, the director Raj Krishna has failed to use it to the maximum. The movie as the title suggests is about the struggle an actress undergoes in the film industry to get to the top. The compromises she is forced to make to get recognized is what the movie talks about. There is no prominent casting to pull it off. Sonia Agarwal is the only big name.

A reporter in search of a big story tries to find out a missing film star Anjali and lands in an isolated Madam only to find the actress in disguise. The actress gives the reporter a diary that talks of her struggle.

Anjali hails from a poor family, her father (Yogi Devaraj) is a folk artiste and has to fend a family of five. Mother Girija (Urmila Unni) unable to bear the poverty leaves their native place and movie towards Chennai with aspirations to make her daughter a film star. Early rejections force Anjali to take the casting couch route and she becomes a star overnight. Being a successful actress Anjali is exploited by her mother and uncle Dakshanamoorthy (Sukran) only to vanish one fine day. What happens to the actress is the rest of the story.

The movie fails to grip the audience. Though Sonia Agarwal’s performance is worthy other casts could have been chosen with care. Urmila Unni and Sukran have done their job. Kovai Sarala is as usual a performer. Ganga Karuppu could have been put to use properly. Jithan Ramesh shakes his leg for a song.Music by Aadhish  is nothing to boast about.