Naanga review

Ashwin, Arasi
Bala Bharathi

Naanga Review

Memories galore Naanga set in the 1980’s knit too many stories to form one. The movie has nothing to boast about and the poor narration leads to the debacle of the film. The movie talks about friendship and romance. Each one has a story and hence more number of flashbacks from the same gang but the stories has no relation to one another. Though director Selva has given a sincere try in bringing back the gone by era, the story still has something a miss.

The crux of the story talks of a friends gang Sanjay Krishna, Nivas, Vinod, Udhay, Munees, Shakir, Ashwin raja, VishnuPriya, Shivani and Vaidehi. The movie starts in present and then moves to the past. The newbies have given a good performance though they cannot be blamed for the weak screenplay. Music by Bala Bharathy is nothing to write about. Kasturi scorches the screen with her glamorous performance.

The movie talks about reunion of friends though there is no impact and it leaves the audience restless. Even though the movie is a period flick the director could have brought in more sequences to grip the audience. This is where Selva fails as the movie lack clarity.

Bygone era of unconnected stories!