Marina movie review

Siva Karthikeyan, Oviya, Jayaprakash, Pandian, Gautham Purushoth
Girish G
Pasanga Productions

Marina Movie Review

We would have been to the Marina beach many a times, noticed the same setting time and again, busy vendors, children selling eatable, lovers romancing, elders having a stroll, kids playing, but director Pandiraj has gone a step further and tells a touching story about the lives of the kids who sell refreshments on the beach.

The script is so strong that the director did not feel the need for any popular cast in his film. Ambikapathi (Pandian), sells water sachets on the Marina beach after he runs away from his home. He befriends Kailash and at one point of time the police picks up Kaliash. On the side of the story you can see Senthilnathan (Sivakarthikeyan) and Swapnasundari (Oviya) who fall for each other. They make it to the Marina as all lovers do and become friends with the kids (Ambikapathi and Kailash). What stories do Pandian and Kailash have to say and what happens to Senthil and Swapna is the rest of the story.

Though the story has been inspired from Salaam Bombay the director sees to that there is no trace of the original and the film with its strong script forces the audience to be glued to the screen. With the right set of emotions and comedy the film is definitely an entertainer with a strong message.

Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya have done their part well not to forget Jayaprakash who as usual rocks. The camera of newbie Vijay is awesome. The music by Girish G is superior for a newcomer.

The film will make you think twice next time you shoo away a vendor on the Marina beach. The movie will even make you feels sorry for the kids who are stolen of their valuable childhood.

Three cheers to the director for bringing out a social message. Pandiraj wins all the way!