Mallika Sherawat causes problems between Priyadarshan and producer

Producer Ratan Jain seems to have had the last laugh. According to Tezz’s editor Suresh, the film released is not the director’s cut but it is the producer’s cut. There were some issues over the inclusion of an item number by Mallika Sherawat in the film between director Priyadarshan and Ratan Jain.

The producer had wanted that item number and had it shot without director Priyadarshan’s approval. Right before the film’s release, it was said that Priyadarshan had the final say and the item number was deleted.

But what was released on-screens shows a different picture altogether. The film’s editor Suresh has said that he had edited the director’s cut and Stefan Bernard had edited the producer’s cut. Finally, it was the producer’s cut that was released, rued Suresh on a social networking site.