Kazhugu review

Krishna, Bindu Madhavi, Thambi Ramiah, Jayaprakash
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Pattiyal Sekar

Kazhugu Review

We have already seen a stone hearted boy falling in love with a girl and how life transforms therein. Well this is a new attempt where the director Sathyasiva has taken a different subject all together.

Kazhugu as the title reveals has to do something with dead bodies and your guess is right as Sera (Krishna) the male protagonist in the film is body lifter, meaning retrieving dead bodies of those who commit suicide or fall of from the high rising hills. Sera, Nandu (Karuna), Shanmugam (Thambi Ramaiya) and friends are body lifter and during one such encounter Sera happens to meet Kavitha (Bindu Madhavi) and develops a soft corner for her. Trouble comes in the form of Ayya (Jayaprakash) who smuggles tea. The confrontation between the Ayya and Sera turns violent and lead to blood bath. Will good prevail over the bad is what the second half of the story is all about?

The actors Krishna, Bindu Madhavi, Karuna, Thambi Ramaiya and Jayaprakash have done their job well. The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is an enhancer. Cameraman Sathya captures Kodaikanal in its true spirit.

The film has depth and is a novel attempt by the director roping in fresh faces. For regular movie goers.