Kaadhalil sodhappuvadhu yeppadi review

Siddarth, Amala Paul, Arun, Vignesh
Balaji Mohan

Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Review

This could be Siddarth’s come back to Kollywood. The Boy’s actor has finally done in Tamil. This rom-com that can woo youngsters to the theatres is sure to go a long way. Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi (KSY) can be related to everyone’s life. The sequences in the film look common yet fresh that rings a bell in your mind. Siddarth was his natural self and did not exert too much to play Arun. Amala Paul as Parvati impresses with her tantrums.

The story is about two lovers Arun and Parvathi who are thrown apart after a tiff. How the lovelorn Arun and his friends Arjun and Vignesh played by Shiva and Vignesh goof up the patch up brings roars of laughter. The movie is said in a lighter tone that can be definitely enjoyed by all age groups. Parvathi’s parents played by Suresh and Surekha Vani who are always on loggerheads and on the verge of divorce add meaning to the script. Shyam and Pooja as John and Cathy leave a mark.

The music by Thaman is palpable. Director Balaji Mohan gives a straight film that does not complicated matters.

The movie is definitely a youngster’s delight.