Exclusive Interview – Director Balaji Mohan

Director Balaji Mohan, a short filmmaker, arrived big time with his very first feature film – Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi (Tamil) and Love Failure (Telugu) – turning out to be a massive hit. His first short film Velicham won accolades which paved way for KSY and Love Failure.

In an exclusive chat to Moviepettai.com, Balaji Mohan traces his journey from an engineering college drop-out to a director. Recalling his passion for filmmaking, Balaji Mohan said that when his parents bought a handycam, he immediately set-about working on the short film Velicham. “The very same night, I started exploring the handycam and Velicham was born out of it,” he stated.

“I conveyed my decision to turn a filmmaker as soon as I completed school but my parents wanted me to pursue the engineering course as I had good marks and got admission at one of the prestigious engineering colleges,” said the director. “Initially, my parents weren’t sure about my decision to quit engineering for films and were scared that it would affect my life,” said Balaji Mohan adding that he had no friends in the industry and no film background whatsoever.

On his friends and contemporaries reacting to this decision of quitting studies, Balaji Mohan said that they were “surprised, shocked, cynical and distrustful.” But the decision has been made and they had to live with it, he recalled.

Going back to his short film Velicham, the director said that ace cinematographer and director Balu Mahendra awarded it the Special Jury Award at the GRT Engineering College event for short films. “This was one of the greatest recognitions that I cherish,” he said.

Now that his debut vehicle KSY and Love Failure has been declared a huge hit, we ask him how he feels and the director replied that all the hard work has paid off eventually.

When asked about the tweet on suggesting candle light dinner during Earth Hour and if we could get to see more romantic films from him in the future, Balaji Mohan said that he would like to try out all genres of films including action, romance and comedy. He, however, points that comedy is his all-time favorite and would include it all his films irrespective of the genre

On the comic strip style promos that were an instant hit among the movie buffs which also played an important role in the film’s success, Balaji Mohan said that the producer Sashikanth of Y Not Studios liked the idea and gave the go-ahead.

It was announced that the Hindi version of KSY aka Love Failure will kick start soon. Talking about this, the director said Y Not will be producing this venture along with a production house from Bollywood and the casting has not been finalized yet.

Now that Balaji Mohan is into feature films we wonder if short films, which were his forte until KSY happened, may take a back-seat and the director stated that he would continue to make short films but the frequency would be much lesser. He added that certain things can be told only through short films.

“Apart from the Hindi version of KSY, I am also in talks with Y Not Studios for their next but the script is not ready yet,” he revealed.

We probed a little further about his favorite hero and prompt comes the reply that it is none other than the Super Star Rajinikanth! The director also revealed that his dream is to do a film with the Super Star. Well, we wish this young director’s dream comes true very soon!