Dhoni – not out review

Prakash Raj, Radhika Apte,
Prakash Raj
Duet Films

So this is another story on educational system and the flaws in it. Yes, we just saw Nanban and the flaws in the college education system and now this is on the defects in the school education system. Every parent and child can relate to this movie, so strong is the narration. Well everyone will come out of the theatres agreeing to the fact that the system of educations needs a change but yet the rat race has to continue. Though a strong message at it, will this have any effect on the system as such is a big question that will not get any immediate answers.

Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) a widower has two children, Kaveri (Sriteja) and Karthik (Akash Puri) and dreams of his children making it big in the future. Subramaniam does everything under the son to give good schooling to his children. He wants Karthik to become an MBA graduate but Karthik has other plans. He is interested in cricket and has Dhoni as his role model. With studies being farfetched for Karthik he excels in the game only to be thrown out from the school. This irritates Prakash Raj who sees his dreams shattered and beats up the boy leading to injuries. What happens after this, will the boy be

able to achieve his dreams or will the father’s dream come true is narrated in the final half of the story.

Two performances can be called outstanding one is by Prakash Raj as a typical middle class father for whom marks matters more than his child’s dreams. The other is the role of the coach Nasser who understands the potential in the boy and has given stiff competition to Prakash Raj.

Radhika Apte as the neighbor is passable, Brahmanandam’s comedy is enjoyable. We can see a budding actor in Akash who does his role well. Dhoni and Prabu Deva have done special appearances for the film. Prakash Raj as a director also has scored well. Camera by Guhan is nothing to boast about. Music by Illayaraja does not dominate. Well again the movie that comes with such a strong social message and should definitely not just carried away by unwanted songs, which Prakash Raj has rightly done. The script and dialogues are powerful to pass on the message in a rather strong tone. A good try at that.