The Ten Best Streaming Sites Where You Can Watch Bollywood Movies for Free (part 3)

8. BoxTV

BoxTV is a Live IPTV app that allows users to watch VOD, Live TV, Series, and TV Catchup on their Android Devices, including Android boxes, fire TV stick, mobiles, and more. You can enjoy your favorite entertainment for free with this ultimate fast IPTV platform.

You can stream this app’s extensive collection of both Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies for free, without having to create an account. The catalog consists of a vast range of old and new Hindi films as well as regional language movies. Many of the movies are low-budget, but there are still some critically acclaimed gems mixed in as well.

The home page suffers no shortage of ads, but perhaps this is to be expected on a free site.

9. YuppFlix

With a clean interface, YuppFlix helps users easily browse its extensive movie collection. Thousands of films are available in Hindi and some other languages. There is also a various offering of TV shows.

YuppFlix offers a 14-day free trial (three days in Malaysia and the Middle East). The service supports multiple devices, such as iOS, Android, Roku, PC, and Android TV.

10. Eros Now

Eros Now is among the top-notch streaming services for Hindi movies. It is easy to use and lets users search films based on their favorite actors or producers.  The app has a huge collection of Hindi and regional movies, TV, and music streaming as well.

The video quality is decent. You can expect reliable streaming speeds. Eros Now is supported on several different platforms and devices, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iOS, Android, and PC.

This app offers a Basic account giving you access to its selection of Hindi movies and TV shows, along with a large amount of music, which you can watch for free. The 14-day free trial includes the entire Eros Now catalog.

Top Indian sports movies of the decade (part 3)

Kanaa (directed by Arunraja Kamaraj)

More than just a sports film, Kanaa also shines the importance of farming adn the spotlight on the life of a farmer. This is what really makes it to become overindulgent and get into sermonizing mode. It tells the story of a farmer’s daughter dreaming of winning the Cricket World Cup. With the support of her father, she has to come over a lot of challenges to pursue her dream.

Dangal (directed by Nitesh Tiwari)

Dangal follows Mahavir Singh Phogat, who continues to break social stigmas in order to train his girls, the Phogat sisters, for the Commonwealth Games. Using the backdrop of sports and the politics attached to it, the film discusses important social issues. This film inspires with its sheer power of performance and will make you feel patriotic by the end of it.

Jersey (directed by Goutham Tinnannuri)

Jersey tells the story of Arjun who is a 36-year-old, ex-Ranji best batsman with career failing to take off. Undeterred by his failure, Arjun becomes optimistic and starts to make it to the Indian cricket team irrespective of his age. The movie is a beautifully told tale showing Arjun delivering the best performance of his career with ease. If he is good as the cocky batsman who knows he is a cricket talent, he is doubly good as the man who has beaten continuously by life but never gives up. Cricket is shot in a special way in the movie as are the relationships between father and son, which makes Jersey a must-watch movie.

Mukkabbaaz (directed by Anurag Kashyap)

Mukkabbaaz sets out on the journey of an underdog who fights against the corrupt system and societal pressure for his boxing passion and dreams. The film tells the story of a boxer falling in love with a Brahmin girl. Things change when he lands a punch to Bhagwan Das – the head of the boxing federation and politician-gangster.

The Ten Best Streaming Sites Where You Can Watch Bollywood Movies For Free (part 1)

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you have come the right place. Here are ten of the best free, legal sites for streaming the Hindi movies you crave.

1. Zee5

Zee5 offers a large collection of Bollywood movies across all genres. You just need to browse the catalog for thumbnails without the “Premium” badge in order to find the free movies that you want to watch.

Zee5’s collection consists of both old and new films, including some in regional languages. It also features TV shows and news with decent speed and video quality. Moreover, this site requires no sign-up and is available globally.

2. Voot

With a wide selection ranging from the classics to new releases, Voot is considered to be one of the best free streaming sites for Hindi movies . Besides Hindi films, Voot also provides Kannad, Bengali, Telugu, and English offerings.

With a handy title search, this site is very easy to use and also provides news, TV shows, short films, and selections for kids.

Moreover, it supports multiple devices and has good apps for iOS and Android with high video quality across all platforms and applications. You also can enjoy reliable streaming speeds.

However, Voot is blocked outside of India, so if you want to access the service, you have to connect to an Indian server with your VPN.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar has a more extensive collection of free Bollywood movies than nay other sites. It doesn’t require you to sign up, so you don’t have to provide any personal information.

Look through the easy-to-navigate categories for thumbnails without the “Premium” badge if you want to find the free titles. Hotstar’s wide selection consists of romance, drama, comedy, and recently released TV shows and Hindi movies. For those who are sports fans, it also features live sports with smooth stream and great videos.

You can buy a Hotstar Premium subscription to avoid ads if you want.

Why did India become the center of Asian cinema? (Part 2)


After returning home, Veer and his warriors stood up to the British colonial and the puppet king in office. The film has such a large budget because in addition to the scenes in India, the delegation went to England to film. In the film, the audience will recognize some famous British places such as: Buckingham Palace; Greenwich Hospital, London; Palace of Westminster, etc.


And another movie known as one of Asia’s largest invested films is Endhiran (Robot, 2010) with an investment of Rs 140 million (about 514.4 billion). The film has a quality that is not inferior to any Hollywood fiction with the same theme of robotics. Endhiran talks about the scientist Vassegaran, who specializes in robotics that invented intelligent robots but could not control them. Therefore, he eventually had to destroy these robots himself to protect the safety of the people.

Promote and market movies and movies

That’s the way Bollywood films invest, but their revenue is not small. Veer films grossed more than Rs 58 million or Endhiran also reached Rs 210 million globally.

Indian and Bollywood films have always known how to make their products stand out. In addition to funding from the budget, India also spared no money when “swinging” to promote the image for each film in a series of countries around the world to enhance its film position.

Every year, India organizes film festivals in various countries to let foreign audiences know about the development of the Indian film industry. These include annual film festivals such as the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles held in April for documentaries and short filmsIn; dian Film Festival in London held in July; Indian Film Festival in Newyork held in April and May; River to River Film Festival is held in Florence, Italy, etc.

Indian International Film Festival (the biggest film festival in this country) is held every year and they have also signed many film production contracts. with many other countries. Thinking, this is also a way for many countries to know the film production process of this country.

Anandi of ‘8-year-old bride’ is now a sexy girl (part 1)

After many years, “8-year-old bride” every year on the small Indian screen with a cute face is now a charming, modern girl with the dream of becoming Miss Universe.

The 8-year-old 8-year-old drama series not only caused a fever in India, but also created a big attraction for Asian audiences, including Vietnam. The role of young Anandi in the 8-year-old Bride is an important turning point for Avika Gor’s career. She joined the film for more than 2 years, from 2008 to 2011 at 11 years old. Baby girls have a holy face and smart eyes quickly conquer the audience.

The film’s success has helped cast members to shine in the Bollywood sky, especially with the leading actress Avika Gor. As Anandi, she won 2 important television awards, the Best Child Actor and the Best Actress. Since then, Avika Gor has become a prominent name for Bollywood and has risen to become a A-star.

In 2012, the 15-year-old star was invited to play the lead role of Roli in the film The War of Brides. The film also made a big hit in Asia. This is the role Avika loves the most, so she has been playing Roli for more than 4 years. The role becomes a symbol of living with Indian women because of their strong character that dares to stand up for the right reason.

It was because of the great success of the previous two films that her later efforts were almost overshadowed and unpopular. The public gradually forgot the image of this talented young actress. However, after more than 4 years, when looking back at Avika Gor’s beauty molting journey, many people did not escape the surprise. No longer a girl with a round face, innocent but instead of a beautiful, charming and equally modern girl.








Bollywood is an Indian film, but is Indian film a Bollywood movie? (part 2)

Movies that speak other languages, such as Tamil, if towards focusing on good storyline but not too focused on actors, are often closer to Indian audiences, bringing their normal lives to movies. The film can be simple about a man and the problems he meets in everyday life. Tamil films have the ability to “treat” low budget because the content is not too picky and does not require a lot of skill, film production is often younger than the old faces in Bollywood movies. In terms of emotion, this branch of Tamil movies is sharper than Bollywood films, acting better, Indian cultural music so the audience in the country may not be as good, but for Indian audiences sometimes is another story.

Movie Three Idiots

Tamil films that follow the direction of the actor are not much different from Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and somewhat worse. Telugu movies also go in the same direction, somewhat like Bollywood. The main characters in the film are often built beautifully, flashily, without any place to treat, the clothes are to honor the male character. Female characters can say there is no place in Tamil or Telugu movies, partly because Indian culture is still heavy on men and women.

Promoting family values ​​and discrimination against women is a common feature of Tamil, Telugu films in particular and most Indian films in general. The old-fashioned concept of making films has greatly influenced the success of films in languages ​​other than Hindi. That is the reason why Bollywood films are well received by the foreign public because of the harmonious combination of Indian tradition and open and modern views.






Bollywood is an Indian film, but is Indian film a Bollywood movie? (part 1)

In addition to Hindi language films, Indian films also categorize a number of genres of films in other languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, etc.

Bollywood is one of the largest film capital in the world. People often know that Bollywood is an Indian film, but who knows what Bollywood really is? When referring to Bollywood, people often mistakenly use this word to refer to Indian movies without knowing that Bollywood is the name given to the Hindi film industry, which is made from Bombay (Mumbai today) and Hollywood.

Bollywood movies are Indian films, but Indian films are not necessarily Bollywood movies

In addition to Hindi language films, Indian films also categorize a number of genres of films in other languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, etc. depending on religion and geographic location in each region. The common point of most Indian films is that there is a scene of singing and dancing, with colorful costumes and typical dance in Indian culture, regardless of whether it is an action, emotional or comedy movie, mind reason. But each film in each language area has its own characteristics. The plot, focused focus (on content or actors), music, color and audience reception, all are very different. So it’s really hard to determine what kind of films the Indian audience is most interested in.

The reason for this type of film is that Bollywood films are the most successful genre, partly influenced by the way Hollywood’s modern films are made, blending the content and the faces of famous actors appeared in the movie. Bollywood films often have more sex elements (compared to the Indian common ground), multi-dimensional characters, humanistic messages about the rich and poor decentralization, the history of Indian culture, and prejudices. for women more deeply. You can check out some famous Bollywood movies not only for Indian audiences but also for foreign audiences like English Vinglish, Teri Meri Kahaani, Magadheera, Three Idiots , etc.










10 great Bollywood movies of Indian cinema (part 5)

Ghajini – Alarm

A Sanjay boy (Aamir Khan) is the president of a large computer group who falls in love with a girl who has rumored that the girl is his girlfriend, even though two people have never met. And then the two people started falling in love, but the girl was retaliated by a boss who only denounced him. Unfortunately, the girl who was killed and Sanjay was beaten so badly that after dementia every 15 minutes, what happened earlier would be forgotten. How can you retaliate with a short-term dementia?

Trying on a variety of roles (both face-to-face and antagonistic) and constantly refreshing your image in the eyes of the audience is another secret that makes Aamir Khan the best actor in Bollywood.

Inspired by Hollywood’s Memento (2000), adding a new element of “Ghajini” has contributed to conquering both domestic audiences and a large number of Indians living abroad, earning 40 million. USD.

Rang De Basanti – Paint Yellow

A very meaningful film about the patriotism of youth, made with a budget of only 4 million USD and a setting around New Delhi, but as soon as it premiered, “Rang De Basanti” broke every century. ticket office in India.


The story tells Sue, a British documentary filmmaker, who wants to make a film about free fighters in the Indian independence movement based on her grandfather’s diary – a former officer of the British army at India. When she arrived in India, she asked a group of five young people to take part in their films. During the filming process, Indian revolutionary idealism seeped into the main characters. They gradually realized that their lives are quite similar to the characters they describe in Sue’s film and that the problems in the old war still affect their generation.









10 great Bollywood movies of Indian cinema (part 4)

Queen – Indian Queen

Rani is really mature and finds her own identity, when she travels the world and starts meeting new friends.
The topic of feminism is increasingly popular among Indian films, which makes directors quite excited about the scenario in which women can escape the old moral and traditional circle to assert themselves as Rani Mehra (Kangana Ranaut) is a young girl living in Delhi.

Only 2 days left until her wedding, but her fiancée … her sandals ran away because he thought she was too old-fashioned, while he was influenced by the liberal Western lifestyle, the two would not be happy. Happy together. After a great shock, Rani asked her parents to allow her to continue to participate in the honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam that she had reserved. This trip helped Rani grow more and more openly, so that she could finally confidently return to India to meet her “missing” husband and return the engagement ring to him and leave with a smile on his lips.

Teri Meri Kahaani – Immortal Love

Teri Meri Kahaani” will bring the audience into an immortal love that goes through three beautiful lives like the young couple’s poetry between 1910, 1960, and 2012. Despite the harsh challenges, thought as their love shattered with the turbulent life, but two hearts still flowed with waves of love and sacrifice for each other.

In the film, both Shahid and Priyanka will be seen in three different avatars during the three periods – 1910, 1960 and 2012. The film looks inspired by Three Times, with three separate love stories being placed chronological order in 1911, 1966 and 2005, with actors, Shu Qi and Chang Chen. Taiwanese film 2005 was a hit and won some awards.

Miss Priyanka Chopra has a super-sweet “chemical reaction” to the incredibly beautiful Shahid Kapoor on the big screen.


10 great Bollywood movies of Indian cinema (part 3)

Let’s continue the list of 10 great Bollywood movies of Indian cinema with two amazing movies below!

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India – Freedom War

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India” is an Indian ancient sports film (2001) directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, telling the story of Champaner village in India, where it is surrounded by drought and host British colonial meaning in the 1893s. Due to a long-term drought that collected heavy taxes, Champaner villagers decided to ask local authorities to temporarily remove the Lagaan tax.

Under the leadership of the hero Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), the villagers met the military governor, Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne). However, Russell cruelly threatened to triple the tax in three years time, unless the villagers could defeat him in cricket. Will Bhuvan and the villagers win this strange foreign game?

Like Stars on Earth – Special Boy

“All children are special and wonderful. Every child is a star on the earth”.

This is a movie that audiences love very much under the familiar title Like Stars on Earth – The special boy, making all the adults should watch to look back on his wrong education, be directed Performed and produced by actor Aamir Khan, discovering the life and imagination of 8-year-old Ishaan Awasthy.

indian movie

While technically superior, it was the lack of academic achievement that made Ishaan’s parents send the boy to boarding school, with harsh discipline and punishment, she gradually turned into a child of hers. poison and agility. Ishaan’s new drawing teacher recognized the dyslexic boy and tried hard to help him overcome this disability from students “lazy, crazy, ticking” into a sparkling star.

If you are a child lover and responsible for children, “Like Stars on Earth” is the perfect choice for you.