Aravaan review

Adhi, Pasupathi, Tanshika, Archana Kavi
Vasantha Balan
Amma Creations

Aravaan Review

The realm of 18th century Madurai is laid before our eyes thanks to the praiseworthy efforts of Vasantha Balan and art director Vijay Murugan. Dealing with a story based in a periodic background is no easy task as it requires extensive research and detailing, for the caliber of Vasantha Balan this should have been a child’s play but even a he has erred in few aspects it must be said.

The movie opens with gang moving to rob a village on a silent night. Kombhoodi (Pasupathy) is the head of gang who venture out at night to steal. On one such mission the thieves find Varippuli (Aadhi) indulging in robbery claiming to be from the same village. The gang pins on Varippuli only to be impressed by his talent. The story unfolds when Varippuli comes out with his provocative past. The movie moves from Vembur to Chinnaveeranpatti and explains how Varippuli became a thief.

Vasantha Balan who has raised the bars in Tamil cinema has one more to his credit we should say. Vasantha Balan has pulled off a cast coup for Aravaan. The story was weaved in such a manner that the sequence of events is not missed out. Aadhi and Pasupathy have carried the movie on their shoulders. The duo has done a tremendous job. Dhansika could have worked more on her expressions; Anjali and Bharath in the cameo have done appreciable work. Karikalan and Singam Puli are noticeable.

The film that talks about the Kallar tribe that was prevalent in the 18th century. Vasantha Balan has done his home work right by bringing out the 18th century effect. Art director Vijay Murugan deserves praise for his excellent art work that takes us back to the old times. Karthik’s music is passable and cameraman Siddarth has proved his mettle. The editing of Praveen K L and Srikanth N B is flawless.

Converting a book into a movie is not new but the way in which Vasantha Balan has shown detailing is amazing yet some more care could have been taken especially when it comes to showing aging in certain characters and language. Just like his previous ones Veyil and Angadi Theru this is sure to stay put in our memories for long.

Its thrilling, its entertaining and its romantic!